The potential for a company´s growth depends, in good measure, on the quality of its professionals. Ensure that only those with certified knowledge to be considered for a new job is one of the challenges of the selection process.

The evaluation of knowledge based on tests of different kinds is an effective process but can it can also be laborious due to the effort and time involved in the preparation, application and correction of these tests, specially when there are a great number of candidates.


Strong IT Cloud Evaluations for the SAP SuccessFactors, developed by Strong IT on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), is an extension of the SuccessFactors Recruitment module that allows for the creation and management of tests in a dynamic way, perfectly integrated with the processes of this module.

Strong IT Cloud Evaluations for the SAP SuccessFactors allows the HR manager to:

- Create and administrate a library of questions of different subjects, making it easy to compilate specific tests for any kind of job;

- Simplify the correction process, reducing the effort and shortening the time for delivering the results;

- Automatically transfer the approved candidates for the next step in the selection process.

The application of tests can be done remotely, within the time previously defined by the HR Manager or Examiner. When applying for a job, the candidate will receive a message with the link for the test on the Internet and the deadline for realization. Candidates won´t need to move to do the tests, saving time, effort and eliminating the need for specific premises.

By reducing the total amount of effort expended on the creation and management of tests for selecting candidates, Strong IT Cloud Evaluations for SAP SuccessFactors allows the HR professionals to focus on the choice of the most qualified applicants, leveraging the competitivity of your company

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