Strategic HR Management

How Can Sap Solution Help Our Clients And Partners?

SAP solutions for HR processes offer solid and integrated solutions that ensure development of talents, optimize the time of execution of processes and especially make HR more strategic.

Main FactsGestão estratégica de RH

-32% turnover of employees in view of the availability of vacancies in workforce in the entire company*

+20% revenue per employee for companies that can analyze data on workforce to optimize strategies*


SAP solutions combine global and industry expertise with the main HR facilitators necessary for maximizing involvement of the employees and obtaining better corporate results. The organizations benefit from:

  • Global support to compliance and processes
  • Effective HR operations
  • More readiness of the workforce
  • Better alignment of HR strategies with company strategies
  • Enhanced support to the way personnel works

Why Choose Strong It’s Solution?

STRONG IT offers exclusive solutions that ensure an integrated solution that provides strategic and differentiated information.

*SAP Performance Benchmarking

Obtain better results in business, with full qualification, engagement, and development of your talents with SAP SuccessFactors human capital management (HCM) software. Find out the needs of your multigenerational, global, and increasingly temporary workforce, create a work environment that supports varied levels of experience and a culture of continuous learning and development.


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