Contract Management

This product was developed in order to enable all contracts and documents regarding the employee to be printed easily and quickly. The solution created offers a totally dynamic system, in which a new document may be included simply by creating new contracts in an exclusive operation.

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Time Management Cockpit

We prepared an exclusive, flexible solution for more critical processes related to time registration, which combines, in a few screens, all information necessary for an easy, fast dealing with all incidents related to Time Registration Management (attendance), in addition to an analytical report that provides correct information on the incidents and balances (positive and/or negative) generated through time registration.

Benefits And Functionalities

  • Optimizes development of the activities and/or management in dealing with incidents related to Time Registration.
  • Provides functionalities to help dealing with incidents.
  • Ensures agility and avoids reworks.
  • Generates clearer information on the results and incidents.
  • Meets all labor requirements as to dealing with incidents and attendance management (Ordinance 1,510).
  • Filters data per incident
  • Information in the form of a daily summary
  • Periodic consolidated information
  • Export of data (Excel, TXT, etc.)