STRONG IT developed different eSocial projects with its clients and partners, thus ensuring that SAP solution will be exclusive for meeting all needs of each partner and client regarding government obligations.

O que é eSocial

What Is Esocial?

eSocial is a Federal Government project aiming at unifying submission of information required from employers with respect to their employees, in the form of specific files that compose the Public Digital Bookkeeping System regarding Tax, Social-Security, and Labor obligations.

Projeto do Governo Federal eSocial

Our Solution

With the advent of eSocial, new requirements are made and represent a significant increase in companies’ operations, so they require integration between different systems for provision of more detailed, assertive, and converging information. The high volume of information arises from the operations of different areas (Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety, Legal, and Human Resources), requiring greater control and validation of data to be conveyed to the Government.

In order to identify and meet the market needs in face of eSocial’s challenges, STRONGIT offers not only a systematic solution for the generation of electronic files, messages, and prior consistency of data for transmission, but also mapping of process that shows clients the current process’ meeting of eSocial’s needs, in addition to introducing the quality of its registration data to the business area. This type of solution provides a high added value for companies to meet the new requirements of eSocial, mitigating impacts, risks, and efforts.

Solução eSocial

Main Strongit’s Differentials In Esocial

  • Experience in implementing eSocial in medium- and large-size companies.
  • Analysis and Review of Processes Affected by eSocial;
  • eBook (document detailing the origin of all information that composes each event/layout in eSocial);
  • Data Sanitization Portal;
  • Accelerators for integration with legacies;
  • Storage, management, and consultation of representations made;
  • Messages;
  • Training;
  • Support to operation;
  • Solution for events not contemplated by the standard solution SAP HCM.


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