Core HR and Payroll

How Do Sap Solutions Help Clients?

Core RH e Folha de PagamentoOrganizational Management

Develop an accurate modelling of the organizational structures with analysis functions


Increase involvement with retention benefit packages

Central Service Center

Increase satisfaction of the employees with the call center and help desk resources

Hr Management

Manage a global, flexible workforce with the functionality of an intuitive self-support


Pay salaries of the global workforce with a proven SAP solution

Management Of Temporary Workforce

Unify workforce management and mitigate risks with respect to all types of employees

Main Facts

+14% Productivity with increase in completion of projects*
+5,5% Strategic alignment with increase in the time spent with strategic priorities*

What Are The Benefits?

With SAP solutions, HR organizations can optimize HR processes through:

  • Global compliance
  • Reduction in HR costs per full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • Higher levels of involvement of employees

Why Choose Strong It?

STRONG IT offers exclusive solutions based on the execution of several projects in several industrial sectors, always in a search for meeting all of its clients’ and partners’ needs.

*SAP Performance Benchmarking

Optimize Cloud-Based Hr And Payroll Operations

Combine cloud-based core HR and payroll operations with the software SAP SuccessFactors, available in 37 languages. Execute talent-based strategies for planning the workforce with embedded analysis reports and functions full of insights. Focus on value-added activities that support the company’s strategies and goals. Simplify and optimize cloud-based global payroll processes to increase the return on investment (ROI).

Solution Resources

Organizational management

Quickly Adjust Yourself To Unexpected Changes With A Clear View Of Your Organization

Support interactive organizational management processes that help to improve collaboration of the workforce and management of organizational changes. This resource gives the entire workforce a detailed view of the organization as a whole. With the cloud-based organizational management software of SAP SuccessFactors, you can plan, cooperate with, and improve operating efficiency and also obtain a fast ROI.

HR Management

Combine The Main Hr And Payroll Operations In A Single Platform, Without Interruptions

Manage your global workforce effectively with the flexible and complete HR management solutions of SAP SuccessFactors. The solutions may help youoptimize HR operations and processes, improving employees’ self-support, and providing stakeholders, HR managers, and employees with a consumer-grade user experience.


Meet All Payroll Requirements In A Cloud-Based Platform

Combine your core HR and payroll operations without interrupting business transactions and HR operations, no matter the size of your company – with SAP’s human capital management solutions. With this software, you can:

  • Manage the internal payroll with the expected security, scalability, flexibility, and facility – all cloud-based
  • It helps to ensure your employees are timely and accurately paid, even if the company expands to foreign markets.
Central service center

Provide Quality Hr Services Involving Employees Efficiently

Qualify employees to obtain the necessary answers when they need more easily and efficiently by using SAP SuccessFactors central service center solutions. Make human resources (HR) services more accessible to service providers and employees with a single solution. By shortcutting the systems to answer employees’ doubts, SAP SuccessFactors central service center solutions may help to ensure security of employees’ confidential data.


Provide Employees With The Most Important Benefits For Them

Keep your company competitive as an employer and increase retention of employees providing benefits that meet the requirements of the global workforce. With SAP’s HR software, you can:

  • Enable employees to register, make complaints, and monitor the status more easily, with a consumer-grade user experience.
  • Enable benefit managers to set and keep benefits and rights and to manage participation rules
Temporary workforce

Retain And Manage Temporary Works And Services For An Optimized Workforce

Otimize sua força de trabalho temporária e seus projetos e serviços de definição de trabalho (SOW). Nosso software pode ajudá-lo a:

  • Optimize your temporary workforce and your projects and statements of work (SOWs). Our software may help you:
  • Effectively retain and manage the full life cycle of your temporary workforce
  • Appraise workers’ performance and adjust it for positive results
  • Align integration with learning and collaboration tools in order to help to streamline onboarding of workers
  • Implement the best practices consistent with corporate and governmental mandates, using analytical tools to obtain insight and reduce risks


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